How To Make Multiple YouTube Channels With One Email

This is so far the top video, that I have on YouTube that has gotten me the most views. The crazy thing is out of all the videos I have made this video Is the one I didn’t care for the most. I was able to rank it quickly to the front page and caught a keyword before it got popular. It’s ranking for multiple keywords on YouTube. I used the keyword tool and a few strategies to get the keyword “how to make multiple youtube channels with one email” to rank up.

Please take note that this video is older and the method is outdated now. I did make another video updating the method for 2017 watch it HERE

Before this method, you would have to do a lot to have more than one channel on YouTube. I guess now they realize the potential and they have eased up on the one channel rule they use to have.

The reason you would want multiple channels is that if you have other projects you’re doing you can dedicate a channel to it and make videos on that channel.

So you could have for instance:

A cooking channel with cooking videos

A Yoga channel showing videos of yoga

Your personal channel showing stuff about you


You can create multiple channels and navigate and add content from one email address.

How To Make Multiple YouTube Channels With One Email
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